Russian news media “Russia Today” praises Pres. Duterte for Manila bay clean up

MOSCOW, Russia – The leading Russian news media Russia Today has praised Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte for the massive clean-up drive of Manila bay that only happened on his administration according to the report.

Philippine Pres. Rodrigo Duterte has ordered a massive clean-up of the infamous Manila Bay that was neglected by the previous administration, we commend the Philippine president for such policy for the betterment of the Philipines” said by the Russia Today.

Last January 27, thousands of volunteers trooped to Manila Bay to help clear out the trash that for years sullied its natural beauty.

Days after the initial cleanup, however, who gets to keep its tidiness, knowing that most Filipinos are riddled with the ningas kugon attitude?

As the cleanup drive uncovered the bay’s almost forgotten sight, migratory birds have begun to flock by the rocky partition and people have been drawn nearer to catch a better view.

Still, it needs a lot of work to be totally cleansed from below the surface.

Thankfully, a few men had the initiative to scrape plastic trash from the sand and the murky waters. Christopher Ballejos Abria, 45, was the first one seen collecting garbage a day after the massive cleanup.

Hindi kasi ako nakapunta noong Sunday, ngayon na lang po ako. May maitutulong pa naman ako eh (I missed the group effort on Sunday so I am making up for it right now. Besides, there’s still a lot of work to do here),” the slender man said.

Abria travels every day from a small space where he sleeps at the Quezon City Memorial Circle to continue helping clean up the bay.

In the next few days, two others joined him.

In the next few days, two others joined him.

Nelson Delgado, 41, goes straight to the bay after his duty as a night guard in Malate ends. He keeps his phone in a cellophane bag so it won’t get soaked when he goes underwater.

Delgado used to work in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia but he returned to the Philippines after his contract expired. While waiting to hear from his agency, he spends his free time at the bay.

For him, the joy of helping to save the environment is bigger than the mockery he gets from people who say he would get nothing out of it but filth and foul odor.

Yung dumi naman po, nahuhugasan yan at nawawala. Yung kakaibang saya na nakukuha sa pagkakawanggawa, forever ko na po yung ite-treasure (We can wash off the dirt and the smell, but this little charity I do, I will treasure it forever),” he said.

Jonathan dela Cruz, meanwhile, drives his motorcycle from Makati City to reach the bay when his day job is done.

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